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We offer any service connected with landscape architecture. Starting with single consultation, small modifications to full modernization and brand new conceptions of landscape. No matter what your project requires, you'll have the right people to match.

The main areas of activity:

Private residence - We know how important is home  – our one place to unwind, recharge, nurture ourselves and our families, and celebrate with friends.  That’s why we listen first. We try to understand your challenges and deliver solutions that fit the way people live, work, play and learn.

To make a project that will manage your expectations we comply your request with our experience. Our residential designs are distinguished by their resort-style amenities, multipurpose outdoor spaces and exceptional attention to sustainable design.

Public Projects - We use our knowledge also in public spaces. Our goal is to create simple, clear, orginal and functional designs. Parks and recreational facilities are an important part of community. We will arrange area for events and festivals, sports and fitness, that your community needs. A safe, user-friendly places for people to connect with nature and each other. We design tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, courts to minigolf and many more.